Why Do We Get Sick?

Why Do We Get Sick?

Our approach to disease has become very cause and effect. If you work in the sun too long, you are going to get burned. After you get burned, you might put on Aloe Vera – to ease the pain. 

Maybe the answer is to put on plenty of sun block before you mow the lawn. That makes sense, but the western way of thinking is to get sick and then take some medicine to treat the illness.

Why not keep your body at its most healthy level and prevent illness all together?  There are many chronic ailments that are very easily preventable that plague America. Unfortunately, health care in the USA has become “sick care.”

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” so don’t be reactive to disease and illness – be proactive in their prevention.

The 4 Causes of Sickness, Disease 
and Premature Aging

1. Dehydration

Our bodies use 2.5 liters of water at normal function in a mild climate. You should be drinking at least 2 liters of water a day. So you see, we are already behind on water intake. The most common signs of dehydration are headaches and fatigue. Our bodies prioritize when water is limited, so areas and organs low on the list just loose out.

Water is the only source of hydration. Do not confuse all liquids with the hydrating ability of water. Soda, coffee, tea, and alcohol actually cause you to be more dehydrated. We need to drink more water. We need to drink better water.

2. Free Radicals (Oxidants, Active Oxygen) 

A free Radical by definition is any unstable atom that has unpaired electrons in its outer shell. An unstable oxygen atom (oxidant) needs 2 more electrons to fill in its outer shell in order to stabilize. Oxygen by itself will seek out these electrons wherever it can, including healthy cells and our DNA. 

We get free radicals from various sources -the foods we eat, smoking, drinking alcohol and pollution. But, the most common is breathing, every breath brings in 2% free radicals, which increases to 20% during cardiovascular activity. Our body’s natural anti-oxidizing systems can handle the load at rest, but during times of high stress and fatigue, the free radicals become too much.

These radicals are linked to multiple diseases, including cancer 
and diabetes, and they can accelerate the aging process. Since 
free radicals are strong oxidants, they are oxidizing or “rusting” 
our  bodies like an old car. We must flush these free radicals out
 in order to remain healthy and happy.

3. Acidosis

Acidosis is an overly acidic state in the body, caused by an acidic diet and lifestyle.

Cooked meats, poultry, sugar, pasteurized dairy, coffee, sweeteners, and alcohol are all acidic. 

Vegetables, fruits, and nuts are all alkaline – the opposite of acidic. There needs |to be a balance to combat the acid in our bodies, but this is not happening. 

All the foods we crave are acid forming and over-acidification of body fluids is linked to almost EVERY KNOWN DISEASE.  A few examples are Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Heartburn, Chronic Fatigue… just to name a few.

During Menopause, women can become extremely acidic. Our bodies use calcium and other minerals to buffer this acidity. That calcium loss can lead to osteoporosis. 

We need balance! 

We need to fight the acidity.

4. Intestinal Disorders

Let’s start with physical facts. Most nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and proteins from our food are absorbed through our intestines. Food stays in our stomach for 1 to 3 hours. Then our intestines absorb the nutrients we need for survival.

Of all the vital organs in the body, the one that suffers the most abuse from modern dietary habits is the intestinal tract. According to the recent study, we now consume approximately 100 times more pesticides, chemicals, livestock hormones, preservatives and carcinogens than just two generations ago. At this level, our body simply cannot handle that kind of constant toxic attacks by itself.

Our intestines were intended by nature to function as smoothly flowing disposal systems, designed to promptly absorb nutrients and flush digestive wastes from the body. Instead, they have become stagnant cesspools.

“Every tissue is fed by the bloodstream, which is supplied by the intestines. When the intestines are dirty, the blood is dirty, and so are the organs and tissues. It is the intestines that must be cared for first before any effective healing can take place.” – Dr. Bernard Jensen, Ph. D.

According to the FDA, the average American carries anywhere between 5 to 22 pounds of compacted fecal matter, as foul toxic waste mucus, stuck in the folds of their colon (large intestine). This toxic mucus not only produces many free radicals … but, it also prevents our vital nutrients from being absorbed. 

Nature never intended for us to move toxic substances through our system on a daily basis. Even the US Health and Human Services admitted that 90% of Americans are walking around with clogged colons.

Almost ALL disease comes from this toxic cesspool in the colon. It is commonly known among medical circles that your colon is home base for almost every disease in the body. This stagnation is the reason that doctors recommend every adult over 40 get a colonoscopy every year. They need to check what is going on in the cesspool. Ever had one? Lights, Camera, Action. No! They are not fun. 

One of the major, and I mean MAJOR, causes of all this is dehydration.

How could we expect to move fecal matter through our intestines without any water? More water helps move the stool along. A river isn’t a river without water! .

Good Health Starts with Clean Intestines 
And Clean Intestines Start with Kangen™ Water!

Is all water the same? Have you ever wondered if there was something more you should know about the water you are drinking?

Kangen™ water is the best water available to us – hands down. By drinking Kangen™ water, you are sweeping the free radicals out of your body because of the incomparably high anti-oxidizing properties. Kangen™ water has smaller clusters (water molecules) that hydrate you MUCH faster at a cellular level. 

The alkalinity of Kangen™ water helps balance acidosis.

All of these factors combined help clean all the stagnant toxic waste out of your colon. Considering over 70% of disease comes from a dehydrated, acidic colon hosting too many free radicals and the fact that your intestines will not function properly without enough water, drinking lots of Kangen™ water just makes total sense to help you fight these everyday battles.  See video with Dr Shinya ( inventor of the colonoscopy, world renowned colon specialist) on www.iluvwater.com

Combining healthy diet, moderate exercise and super-hydrating Kangen™  Water will be a huge step toward restoring balance in 
your body. 

Maybe an ounce of prevention is 
a TON of cure – indeed.


With Enagic…you can

Change Your Water…Change Your Life


Clean your body and your house – holistically

Clean your body and your house – holistically

Enagic introduces the innovative water filtration system that will make your bottled water, household cleaners and even your medicine obsolete!

How is that possible? Simple. Through electrolysis, The Kangen Alkaline Ionized Water System restructures your tap water naturally, balancing the pH level for a variety of uses. No harmful chemicals are used! You just choose what type of water you need:

Strong Kangen water:
With a pH of 11.0 and higher, this water is great for cleaning food, dishes, cutting boards and getting out tough stains and grime from around your kitchen.
Kangen water:
A pH of 8.0 – 10.0 makes this water perfect for drinking and for healthy cooking. With continued use, Kangen water can return your body to a more alkaline state, optimizing your body’s health. And a healthy body is more prepared to battle and prevent disease, illness and aging.
Clean water:
Strictly for drinking, this water has a pH of 7.0, and is absorbed into the body quickly, so it’s helpful to use this water if you absolutely have to take medication. It’s also the best safe water to use for baby formula.
Acidic water:
This weak acidic water with a pH of 6.0 – 4.0, is best for gentle cleaning and beauty care. Use this water to clean your face and hair or in the rinse cycle of your laundry. It’s also great for polishing glass surfaces and removing dirt from hardwood floors without a sticky residue.
Strong Acidic Water:
With a pH of 2.7 and lower, this strong acidic water is the best disinfectant you can use. It was approved for disinfecting

Acid & Alkaline balancing to better health

Acid & Alkaline balancing to better health

Did you know that high acidity levels in your body can lead to disease and illness? And that most of the food we eat and beverages we drink contribute to a high acidity level? I’ll give you some examples in a moment. But first, let me explain why high acidity is so damaging to our bodies.

Proper pH levels are the key to healthy blood.

Our bodies require a balanced pH level in order for the blood to transport needed nutrients to every part of the body, including the skin and internal organs.

A balanced pH level means balanced levels of acid and alkaline in the body.

If our blood is too acidic, then it doesn’t move through the body efficiently and nutrients don’t get to where they need to be, allowing diseases to thrive. In fact,long term acidity is like rust…it corrodes our blood, our organs and our skin, decreasing our ability to fight and prevent disease, illness and aging.

Many factors contribute to excessive acidity in our blood: non-organic foods, caffeine and stress, among other things. So it’s important that we counteract those acidity levels with proper alkaline to achieve a balanced pH level.

But it’s not just a proper pH level that’s important, so are antioxidants.


There’s a word that’s thrown around a lot these days. But what does it mean?

When you cut an apple in half and leave part of it for later, what happens? The leftovers turn brown, right? That’s oxidation.

If there’s too much oxygen in your blood, your organs suffer similar damage. Antioxidants fight oxidation and keep your organs healthy.

So with both antioxidants and properly balanced alkaline levels, your blood can really do its job!

Kangen Water gives you the antioxidants and alkaline levels your body needs to stay healthy!

Through electrolysis, Kangen Water Systems restructures highly acidic tap water into tasty, alkalized and ionized water, perfect for drinking and for keeping a healthy pH level.

Look at how the ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) levels of Kangen Water compare to other popular beverages.

(Keep in mind, the higher the number, the more acidic the substance, the worse it is for your body):

Carbonated Sodas:

+400 ORP


Bottled Water:

+200 to  +300 ORP


Tap Water:

+200 to  +300  ORP


Green Tea:

-100 to -0-  to  +100 ORP


Kangen Water

-400 to -600 to -800 ORP


Clearly, with Kangen Water Systems, you give your blood and body balanced pH levels and antioxidants, the best warriors against disease, illness and aging

Brief History of Kangen Water

Kangen Healing Water

Brief History of Kangen Water

Here’s a brief background of this incredible water and how electrolyzed water machines became an incredible tool of preventative medicine and health at home.

Initially developed for agricultural purposes and adapted by open mined doctors, it has slowly developed to be a medicinal device in Japan in 1965.

More than three decades of clinical studies has shown that the electrolyzed water enhances healing power of the human body as well as being eco friendly. In by the mid 90’s, Kangen water and its benefits were started to be recognized in the public and the technological advance enabled various companies in Japan to develop smaller in home units.

In 1998, Dr. Shirahata of Kyushu University had discovered the connection between electrolyzed water and holy water, often called in many parts of the world as “Miracle water.”  Such water exists in Tolacote Mexico, Nordenou Germany, and Hitatenryo Japan. This water is known for its tremendous healing power and has shown that it works against just about any diseases. For Decades, Hundreds of people take pilgrimage to these sites everyday.

Dr. Shirahata has found that all these waters have a Common property; tremendous anti oxidant power. He soon came up with a theory that “Active Hydrogen” is the reason behind such incredible healing abilities.

Many scientific studies on this water have been resumed, bled by the Functional Water Foundation in Japan since 1995; the full potential of electrolyzed water has not been confirmed yet. Recently, in the U.S. experimental studies on the water unit are being conducted at U.C.L.A. Seton Medical Center, U.S. Dept of Agriculture, Georgia University, University of Texas, as well as other scientific institutions.

Clinical Uses of Kangen Water in Hospital Treatment

In Japan, there are now hundreds of hospitals and clinics that use Kangen Water as a part of their medical practices. The following list illustrates some of the most common usage scenarios with different illness cases.

1.) Various types of Cancer

This will be the eventual poster boy figure for the recent Kangen Water phenomenon. The water seems to work very effectively, whatever, type and stage that cancer might be at. A few years ago, there was a public project organized be a veteran nurse who helped develop ALL of 30 terminal patients she took on recovered from their death beds, all within months, simply giving them Kangen water to drink. The amount of water the patents had to drink was between 4-10 liters a day. The types of cancer varied from breast, bladder, lung, liver, stomach, intestinal, prostate, to even leukemia. All patients had been diagnosed as terminal from their previous doctors.

2) Rapid Reduction in Blood Sugar Level in Diabetes Patents.

It has been observed that about 80% of diabetes patients who started intake of Kangen water showed lower blood sugar level levels with in two weeks.

3) Rapid Healing of Gangrene of the lower limbs, due to diabetes

In Kobe Japan, at the Kyowa hospital, two diabetic patients diagnosed with their lower limbs with gangrene who had not shown signs of recovery despite of pharmaceutical treatment, had their limbs saved within a month of surgery after they were given Kangen water to drink and soaking their limbs in strong oxidized water.

4) Rapid Improvement in Patents with Hepatitis and Cirrhosis

A representative case was that of a 60 year old male patient where improvement was noted in his hepatitis and cirrhosis one month after starting intake of Kangen water. Thereafter, all treatments, including medications, IV’s and diet were discontinued after six months of Kangen water as a sole treatment, his liver function had returned to normal.

Rapid Healing of Stomach and Duodenal Ulcers

A 40 year old patient had endured repeated attacks of duodenal ulcers over the last 12 years. After an incident of attack, she started to drink Kangen water (1-2 liters a day). Within a week, improvement was noted. An inspection with gastric cameras showed no remaining ulceration. The result surprised the hospital director, who personally attended the testing, as well as the patient herself.

There are a great number of cases in which there has been no recurrences of ulceration as long as sufficient Kangen water intake was continued.

6) Rapid Improvement in High and Low Blood Pressure Levels

Studies of patients whom all had high blood pressure for many years, Doctors, find that they could control it with simply drinking sufficient amounts of Kangen water with relief of pharmaceuticals use within months.

7) Improvements in Asthma, skin rashes, A-topic Dermatitis and Nasal Allergies.   

A female patent suffered from A-topic dermatitis from shortly after birth until the age of 26. She had tried fasting, vegetarian diet and a variety of other treatments. All treatments were unsuccessful.  Her dermatologist even refused to continue seeing her. A suggested therapy by a fellow colleague of the former doctor, she began drinking Kangen water and applied strong oxidized water externally, the condition was approximately 80% resolved.

8) Improved Kidney Function

Instances of dramatic improvement have been observed in cases of chronic nephritis and impaired kidney functions with Kangen water.

A bright outlook

There is a long history of clinical testing, (over 30 years) Kangen water and the Ionizer water machines have been increasingly popular only in recent years, thanks to the media publicity since the discovery made by Dr. Shirahata of Kyushu University in 1998 when he discovered the connection between electrolyzed water and the Holy Waters that exist around the world. Since then, hundreds of hospitals across Japan started experimenting with Kangen water as well as, Super Acidic water as part of their medical practices for all kinds of cases and diseases.

Coupled with its impeccable track record of Kangen water treatment, it began getting huge attention from the public in Japan, fueled by a series of documentary programs as well as countless numbers of testimonials from former patients appearing in many books and talk shows. As far as the market penetration goes some interesting numbers are indicating that it is indeed reaching the tipping point in Japan;

  • Over 400,000 families have purchased such units over last few years
  • It is also believed to be reaching at 5% market penetration in some urban areas, on a household installation basis as of 2004. However, the acknowledgement of this water and its benefits among the general public is much higher and is growing.

The political battle is easy to guess. Doctors and the pharmaceutical industry want to protect their own interests. The Japanese government wants to slow down the hype and decides that the Kangen water industry cannot advertise or speak publicly of its merits, using “cure” language, until the science of this water is 100% proven. This sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

With all this confusion the Japanese government bans claims on a grander scale, they have admitted to certain health benefits of Kangen water, and just have recently upgraded the water Ionizer models status, from being a health appliance to a medical device. If you put this in a global perspective, the water technology is practically non existent outside Japan. This means there is very little information available in English, not to mention the actual products we can buy here in the United States. Even worse, there are some people who are trying to sell cheaper Ionized Alkaline water machines as if they were the same or similar level as with the Kangen water machines, only cheaper. Cheaper for what?

Something has been officially declared to have medical benefits by doctors and scientists. Enagic has put things in prospective; this water technology is just too good to be missed and to be fooled around with. For further information about Enagic Inc., please visit the corporate site for a virtual seminar which is extremely informative at: www.enagic.com 


Electrolyzed (reduced) water scavenges active oxygen species (free radicals) and protects DNA from oxidative damage. 


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Understanding Electrolyzed Water

By Hidemitsu Hayashi, M.D., Heart Surgeon and Director of the Water Institute of Japan


Active Oxygen species or free radicals are considered to cause extensive oxidatative damage to biological macromolecules, which brings about a variety of diseases as well as aging. The ideal scavenger for active oxygen should be “active hydrogen”. Active Hydrogen can be produced in reduced water near the cathode during electrolysis of water. Reduced water exhibits high pH, low oxygen (DO), extremely high dissolved molecular hydrogen (DH), and extremely negative redox potential (RP) values.

Strongly electrolyzed-reduced water, as well as ascorbic acid, (+) catechin and tannic acid, completely scavenged 0.-2 produced by the hypnoxanthine-xanthine oxidase (HX-XOD) system in sodium phosphate buffer (pH 7.0).

The super oxide dismutase (SOD) like activity of reduced water is stable at 4 degrees C for over a month and was not lost even after neutralization, repeated freezing and melting, deflating and sonication vigorous mixing, boiling repeated filtration, or closed autoclaving, but was lost by opened in the presence of tungsten trioxide which efficiently absorbs active atomic hydrogen (active hydrogen). Although SOD accumulated H2O2 when added to the HX-XOD system, reduced water as well as catalase and ascorbic acid could directly scavenge H2O2. Reduced water (electrolyzed water) suppresses single-strand breakage of DNA by active oxygen species produced by the Cu (II) catalyzed oxidation of ascorbic acid in a dose dependent manner, suggesting that reduced water can scavenge not only O2 and H2O2, but also 1O2 and OH.


Characteristics of electrolyzed-reduced water. The principle of electrolysis was founded by Michael Faraday (1791-1867). In this process, reduction occurs at the cathode (+) and oxidation at the anode (-). Dissociation of H2O produces H- and OH- ions. At the cathode, H+ ions gain electrons to change into active atomic hydrogen (H-) Active atomic hydrogen exhibits high reducing potential. It is then changed to hydrogen molecules (H2) which are chemically inert at room temperature. At the anode, OH- ions lose electrons to form OH, which results in the production of O2, and H2O. Cathodic alkaline water (reduced water) is abundant in DH, whereas anodic acidic water (oxidized water) is abundant in DO. The relationships of RP with pH, DO, and DH in reduced water were shown in FIG. 1. Marked changes in these values occur in water after electrolysis. It should be noted that the DH value is higher in reduced water than in the original water by two orders of magnitude.

Kangen Water

Your body is 70% water

Your body is 70% water, what are you filling your 70% with??

I would like to take a moment of your time to introduce you to one of the Greatest Preventative Health Advances of our generation! Kangen-Alkaline Ionized Anti-oxidant Water, pure, healthy, alkaline drinking water with miraculous healing properties! 

Water so amazing that it has been approved by medical professionals in Japan as the single water product endorsed by the Japanese Association of Preventive Medicine for Adult Disease and the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare (FDA equivalent) because of the miraculous benefit to good health.

Consider this; chlorine, arsenic, cyanide, and lead, at least one or all of these substances are in the water you’re drinking.  Either tap or bottled, yes bottled water.  All of these substances have been approved for human consumption in the United States. Also bottled water has a ph between 5-6 that is acidic, you should be drinking 9+ ph!

Now consider a 32-year old Japanese company introducing Miracle Water into the USA, they offer wonderful tasting, oxygen-rich, anti-oxidant water with no free radicals.  Before saying or thinking “so what” check out a few of the incredible benefits of drinking wonderful tasting, oxygen-rich, anti-oxidant water, with no free radicals below:

1.                An alkaline balanced body does NOT create an environment for viruses and Bacteria to live.  Thus, bacteria or viruses will NOT enter an alkaline body and grow into a SERIOUS DISEASE!  Kangen-Alkaline Water is used throughout the world in hospitals with miracle healings reported.  Increasing your body’s alkalinity leads to rapid WEIGHT LOSS and to miracle improvements for DIABETICS.  (see video on web site below)

2.                The inventor of the colonoscopy, Dr. Hiromi Shinya, world renowned colon specialist states a clean colon is one of the most important precursors to good health and that up to 90% of body ailments and diseases originate in an acidic and dirty colon.  He is one of the top endorsers of our unique Kangen-Alkaline Water.  Drinking Kangen water has proven to clean, heal, and maintain a healthy colon!  (see video on web site below)

3.                Athletes experience accelerated recovery, increased speed, better flexibility and enhanced performance, flushing out lactic acid and toxins, while supplying an intense amount of high oxygen count.  Kangen water enters muscles, ligaments, joints, and lungs faster therefore increasing speed, flexibility, and endurance.

4.                You can make your own pure, healthy, alkaline ionized drinking water rich in minerals, purged of impurities, free of contamination, right in your own home; making your only drinking water, alkaline ionized water, every day for good health!

5.                True health is not only maintained through the water we consume but with all the water we use in our daily lives for drinking, cooking, personal care, general cleansing and sanitation. (for all benefits, check web site below)

If you’re looking for an additional income stream you’ve found one! Distributors are already earning an incredible 100K+  within the first 4-5 months, by simply sharing this secret!  This is unheard of in any business opportunity!! Within 10 years ionized water units will be as common as the microwave today! In Japan distributors are earning an incredible 3-4 MILLION$$ per year 2-3 years in biz!!

Do your due diligence, your life and your family’s life depends on it!  Go to www.mykangenwater.net   NOW! to have all your questions answered.  Then, listen to our 24/7 info call at 512-505-6833  

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 To Your Health and Longevity   

Ray Thoroman